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Lead Creative Director

A note from Sharon…

As founder and lead creative director of Driftwood Blue, if life has taught me anything throughout my journey, it has taught me to believe in my dreams, welcome challenges, continue to grow, be myself and know that anything is possible.

My path to flowers & design unfolded late in life and one could say, when I needed it most. Coupled with a love for Weddings and a passion and flair for the natural and whimsical, I was inspired to create a service that helps couples to realise their dreams for their Wedding day, through design development, creative exploration and consultation. Not just somewhere that supplies flowers, but delivers their whole vision!

Our Approach

Most couples that I meet with just don’t know where to start and are a little apprehensive. By the time we’ve had our first consultation they are visibly relaxed, feeling more confident and genuinely excited about their vision. That’s just so important to me and that’s why I spend the time getting to know my clients and what their dream day might look like to them. This also ensures I am able to deliver 100% satisfaction each and every time.


Our Booking Process

Our process is consultative and detailed the entire way until your Wedding Day. The first step is our initial consultation, usually involving a video or phone call meeting with our lead creative director, Sharon. This meeting is crucial in your decision making process and for us to get further clarification to be able to provide an estimate. Be prepared! Make sure you’ve had a think about what your florals and styling will look like.  You don’t need to know it all, but having an idea of what you want will help us be able to give you what you need. 

Once we’ve had the initial consultation and if you choose to engage us, the next step is scheduling a design session to go over more of the specific details so we can provide an accurate estimate!

From here, it’s important to us to give our clients our focus and complete attention leading up to their Wedding Day. We are always in touch with you some way or another and pride ourselves on our prompt communication and attentiveness during this time.  Once we are 4-6 weeks prior to your Wedding Date, we’ll arrange a final consultation session with you to run through all the finer details in preparation for your Wedding Day! For more information on our booking process and how we do things, please get in touch via our contact form here!



Our Client’s Perspective

The feedback I receive always has a similar vibe “You’ve plucked the vision right out of my head” or “You were with me every step of the way”, and “You created exactly what I had in mind but even better and it was so easy and fun!

This is what feeds my soul and why couples choose us. Knowing that I’ve created not only a beautiful setting for their Wedding Day but have helped them to develop and visualise their design, early on in the process. Giving them the opportunity to set and forget, without the constant overwhelm of all the options.

With consultations included and ongoing vision board designs, it not only helps my clients feel part of the creative process but it also gives them the confidence to trust in me completely.

Award-Winning Wedding Stylist


About Driftwood Blue Floral

Driftwood Blue Floral is an Award Winning boutique floral studio recognised for its services and creative design for Weddings and Events located in Brisbane North.

This boutique studio is known for providing a more personalised and holistic service that brings a fresh and organic design with a nature inspired edge. With a focus on bridal florals, full reception tablescape designs and ceremony installations, coupled with day coordination and set up design services they can do as much or as little as you need.

Working with surrounding venues and beautiful private property spaces, Driftwood Blue Floral is a perfect fit for those looking for a more hands on consultative approach and those wanting to work with one styling and florals supplier to complete their Wedding Day design and style.
Sharon, the lead Creative Director of Driftwood Blue has over 15 years combined experience in the Weddings and Events Industry and has worked in both the Corporate and Private sectors before creating Driftwood Blue Floral in January of 2018.

Why Couples Choose Us

We are generous in what we do…

We believe that generosity and value is truly the key to making magic happen! With our consultation and design sessions included and ongoing access anytime, we take the time to really understand your style and vision and support you throughout the process.

We believe in a can-do attitude…

Every single time we do something, there is a reason behind it. There is a quote by Colin Cowie that we resonate with, “Love is in the detail and no detail should be overlooked”.

When we design, every single detail and challenge is thought about and considered. From the flowers to the textures, décor elements and design to the space, venue and other external elements ensuring cohesiveness and streamlined design.

Communication is key to our success…

Our design sessions ensure we always deliver that’s why our proposals include all the details and are presented to you for your review, ensuring nothing is left out. Our ongoing access also provides an opportunity for open communication and we believe in always providing quick responses to our clients.

We are bound by the magic…

It’s like nothing else, from the beaming smiles on the day we deliver, to the wow moments, the goose bumps and all the in-betweens, we truly love what we do and the joy it brings to all our couples! When it all comes together, with everything in place, the mood is set and is ready to create that memorable story we all want for our Wedding Day!


Love Notes From

Emily & Michael

Sharon was amazing from the get go, during our first phone call together Sharon really got to know what I wanted and envisioned for my big day. We spoke into detail about colours and different florals that she thought would look amazing. Sharon took the time with me to look at Pinterest inspiration and get ideas about the florals.

On the day, Sharon was amazing, she set up the ceremony area and reception area exactly as I imagined and it blew me away. She brought the bouquets and buttonholes up to the villa that we were getting ready at and really brought my dream to life.

Thank you so much Sharon for your beautiful work ❤️

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